Huray huray!!!

Our puppies "A-Rose de Gaurt" are  sucessfull in show rings, pick nice show results and some of them became junior champions or adult champions yet, in age 15 month !!!


Aurellia Rose de Gaurt 

 HJCh Hungaria junior champion

 HCh Hungarian champion 


Alberteena Rose de Gaurt 

HJCh Hungarian junior champion


Amundzeen Rose de Gaurt -

HJCh Hungarian junior champion

HCh Hungarian champion


Alfonsso Rose de Gaurt 

SKJCh  Junior champion of Slovakia


Especially we were sucessfull during show weekend Szilvasvarad/HU and  Bratislava/SK 20.-23.8.2020. I am really proud.


Aurellia Rose de Gaurt - 1x BOB, 1x CACIB, 1x res.CACIB, 4x CAC

Alberteena Rose de Gaurt - 1x BOS, 1x CACIB, 1x res.CACIB, 2x CAC, 1x CAJC, 1x. res CAC

Amundzeen Rose de Gaurt - 2x BOB, 1x BIG 2, 2x CACIB, 1x res.CACIB, 3x CAC

Alfonsso Rose de Gaurt - 2x CAC, 1x CACIB, 1x Ex.2



Aurellia Rose de Gaurt, 15 month, Szilvasvarad show/HU 22.8.2020  BOB



Alberteena Rose de Gaurt, 15 month, Szilvasvarad show/HU 21.8.2020 BOS, Amundzeen BOB



Amundzeen Rose de Gaurt, 15 month, Szilvasvarad show/HU 20.8.+ 21.8.2020 - 2x BOB, 1x BIG2





Alfonsso Rose de Gaurt, 15 month Bratislava show/SK 23.8.2020 - CAC CACIB




 I am very proud to my puppies. They started their show careers with nice results.

Some of them completed their firts puppy or junior champion titles !!


Amundzeen Rose de Gaurt - JUNIOR CHAMPION of  HUNGARIA

Aurellia Rose de Gaurt - PUPPY CHAMPION of SLOVAKIA

Alberteena Rose de Gaurt - PUPPY CHAMPION of SLOVAKIA

Alfonsso Rose de Gaurt - PUPPY CHAMPION of SLOVAKIA


At this photo from left: Veronika Jelínková + Alfonsso, Jitka Baráková + Alberteena and grandmother  Fantazie od Bílé laně, myself + mother Ava Francesca von Chirlitz and Aurellia, Tatiana Tančáková + Amundzeen, Martin Tomas + Aymaar


Autumn 2019

Photoalbum of my sweet princess Aurellia Rose de Gaurt






Autumn 2019

Photoalbum of Alberteena Rose de Gaurt







Autumn 2019

Photoalbum of Alfonsso Rose de Gaurt











Autumn 2019

Photoalbum of Aymaar Rose de Gaurt









Autumn 2019

Puppies in their new families growing very well.  They all are perferct and beautifull young dogs. Look at them.....

Photoalbum of Amundzeen Rose de Gaurt









New photos, one of the last before our puppies leave us to their new families.







Our happy day !!!

All puppies of litter "A" Rose de Gaurt are bilateral full hearing !!!

All puppies are standart, without any fault (after breeding control from dalmatian club)!!!

We are over the moon!!


And also we have names: from left....

Alberteena, Alfonsso, Aurellia, Amundzeen, Amyaar








Puppies are 6 week old. And they are growing very well......

New photoserie with young photographer Miss Nikola Zmeškalová, more in part Puppies






We make new photos with young photographer Miss Žanet Michálková.

Puppies are 4,5 weeks old.

Nice work as you can see: 












Great news from Nitra dog-show, Slovakia!!!

Today father of our litter A-Rose de Gaurt, multiCh. Muta Baruka The Astonishing (NL), on Nitra dog-show, under judge: Mr. Marián Konečný, won the champion class in very strong competition, got CAC, CACIB and BOS, and completed all conditions for title International champion of beauty C.I.B.!!!

Congratulation to owners Andre and Diana Kok !!!







We have had amazing visit from The Netherland, Diana and Andre Kok. They brouhgt many beautiful presents to puppies and also for us.

Thank you, Andre and Diana!

They cuddled puppies  softly  and spent some pleasure time with us. We have had chance to see again father of puppies -  Muta. Must say, he is beutiful and very strong dog......






We are 3 weeks old.

Making foto with Jana Huječková.







We are 2 weeks old.

Became more and more beautiful.








We have new photos of puppies from  Nikola Zmeškalová, Cz

More in the part Puppies







We have puppies !!!

Litter "A" Rose de Gaurt was borned 9.5.2019.

We have 5 strong, sweet and beautiful puppies, 3 boys (all black spotted) and 2 girls (one black, one liver spotted).

The birth was really natural, without complication, in loving home. We are so happy!!

Proud parents are: Ch NL DK B  NO,  JCH L DK  Muta Baruka The Astonishing

                              C.I.B. , Ch CZ SK PL HU A Ava Francesca von Chirlitz






Fanny - 60. days of pregnancy






Fanny - 40. days of pregnancy

She is little fat, hungry all the days, lies often. But still is very nice.



"Fanny" Ava Francesca von Chirlitz and her mother Fantazie od Bílé laně





Fanny is pregnant !!!

Pregnancy is confirmed by USG !!!

Puppies "A" Rose de Gaurt can expected on  8.-10.5.2019






Planning litter "A" Rose de Gaurt


We expect puppies from pair

C.I.B., CZ SK PL A HU Ch, CZ SK PL GCh Ava Francesca von Chirlitz  

NJCh LJCh, BE DK NL NO Ch. Muta Baruka The Astonishing

Mating was gone successfuly in Holland on 6.3. and 8.3.2019.

More information about litter in part "Puppies"





Our beautiful Fanny




Absolutely amazing show weekend 3xCACIB Nitra (Slovakia) 25.-27.1.2019

Ava Francesca von Chirlitz, champion class

- 2x BOB, 1x BOS,

also she completed new title Show champion of Slovakia

(it needs 6x CAC from champion class from 6 different judges, only after she have fulfilled the title Grand champion of Slovakia)

25.1.19 - Mr. Řehánek P. - CAC CACIB BOS !           (16 entries)

26.1.19 - Mr.Vondrouš O. - CAC CACIB BOB !!!       (20 entries)

27.1.19 - Mr. Erdos L. (Hu) - CAC CACIB BOB !!!    (19 entries)









Show season 2018 was very successful for us.
Fanny finished championship of 5 countries, in 3 of them she fulfilled the title Grand champion.
Also she got the highest show title International champion of beauty C.I.B.
She placed very high in competitions of Dalmatian club of Czech republic.


Ava Francesca von Chirlitz
- TOP female 2018 - winner
- TOP 3 in absolute order (dogs and females together)
- TOP of foreign shows - winner


 Show titles at the day 31.12.2018

BIS Baby, res. BIS Baby
BISS Puppy 3x
BIS Puppy IDS Bratislava 21.8.2016, BIS-3 Puppy
BOJ 7x , JBIG 1x, res.JBIG 3x, JBIG-3 1x, CAJC 15x, VTM 2x
BOS 20x, BOB 6x, BIG-3, BIG-4
CACIB 21x, res.CACIB 12x, National winner 2x
rec. CAC/rec.CACA 17x

TOP female DK CZ 2018

TOP foreign shows DK CZ 2018

Reports from shows on my FB

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